Miss San Antonio May Love Tacos More than her Crown

22 February 2011 by Jon Poritsky Category: Nacho News
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Dominique Ramirez17 year-old Dominique Ramirez was temporarily reinstated as Miss San Antonio last week after she was stripped of her crown due to taco-related weight gain. She weighs a whopping 129 pounds, or about as much as my haircut.

Apparently the pageant stipulates that the winner must remain the same weight as the day she was crowned in order to hold her title. The extra poundage is only the most hilarious of infractions that lead to Ramirez’s dethroning. Others include “arriving late to scheduled events, missing some events altogether, bringing a boyfriend to pageant-sponsored events in violation of her contract, and appearing in one modeling session wearing a bridal dress”.

Let’s not mince words here: the Miss San Antonio pageant is obviously too stuffy for a free spirit like Dominique Ramirez. If you’re ever in town, Miss San Antonio, stop by Nachos NY HQ in a wedding dress, with your boyfriend, and show up as late as you please. The nachos are on us.

P.S. Why are we running a story about tacos? Because we refuse to believe that no nachos were harmed in the making of this catastrophe.

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