Making Nachos Can Be Dangerous

9 February 2011 by Rachel Anderson Category: recipes
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At approximately 6pm on Super Bowl Sunday, the craving for nachos hit. We had recently received the gracious gift of Wisconsin cheddar from our friends at Murray’s Cheese on Bleeker Street. In addition to the pound of cheddar, we were introduced to Rick’s Picks Smokra. Instead of jalapenos, I planned on topping my ‘chos with pickled okra. I couldn’t be more excited. Then tragedy hit the nacho kitchen.

The cheese was slightly softer and less sharp then most cheddars I have used in the past. I also was excited to test out my new knives that I recently purchased. (I was used to my dull knives left over from my days in culinary school.) All this combined with my overall clumsy-ness resulted in my finger being confused for a piece of Wisconsin’s finest.

(Lee: We wouldn’t make you look at a picture of her bloody finger, but I definitely saw it.)

Now as a chef, you need to suck it up. The kitchen is a dangerous place and is no place for pansies. After collecting myself and waiting for the bleeding to stop, I powered through the pain and my inability to use part of my right hand. What resulted was a gooey plate of Packers supporting nachos. Since the cheese is softer than usual, excessive cheese meant it would get rubbery quickly. The Smokra added a slight kick without overwhelming my palate. I am a wuss when it comes to spice so the subtlety was pleasant.

Now what happened to my finger you might ask? Well, I thought pressure and gauze was enough to heal the wound. But the next day, I had another bloody mess on my hands. When the only thing that could help slow the bleeding was a menstrual pad wrapped around my finger with a hair tie holding it in place, I knew it was time to get sewn up. So off to Duane Reade I went! A few locations throughout the city have doctors that treat minor ailments. I was in and out in no time.

Now that I have gotten stitches at Duane Reade, maybe I will go back for the sushi.

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