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15 February 2011 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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As noted by Ev Grieve, Ave A is turning into quite the taco lane. We’ve decided to check it out thoroughly. This past Saturday, we went to El Camion, because we got lost on our way to Diablo Royale Este. We made a left instead of a right and ended up in front of El Camion.

We went right in and sat down. The friendly waitstaff was confused when I confirmed they were serving nachos in the afternoon. We sat down and ordered nachos with chorizo and an order of wings. Then I realized El Camion’s biggest problem, because of their huge glass windows, I was blinded by the sun. Then, the nachos blinded me.

The chips were thick and crispy, not succumbing to the bevy of toppings. The tangy three cheese blend which I’m not sure if that number includes the cotija sprinklings was ever present. Even the guac, though a small portion, made me smile. There was no doubt in my mind, these were good nachos. The best I’ve had this year.

It’s not pictured, but we manhandled that plate. And we talked to them about having a Nacho Crawl soon, so, more details in the future.

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  • Diablo Royale Este | Nachos NY said:

    […] El Camion […]

  • Greg said:

    My favorites list on SeamlessWeb says “El Camion, Good Nachos.” I’ve ordered from El Camion several times recently (including last night), and while I sadly can’t say much for other items I’ve had, the nachos are dependably tasty. The cotija is a nice addition.

  • lee (author) said:

    Hey Greg! Thanks for writing us and I’m glad our recommendation of the nachos has served you well. And if it’s holding up during delivery, thats even better.

  • handfuls of postcards and sublime slivers of glass FOG | Sean Blog: Nachos Miles Hack Disc Clank said:

    […] I went to New York City and took many,many subway stops and walked, walked, walked, and found some nachos. These are grilled zuchinni and black bean and three cheeses. A solid 7.23 on THE LOVELACE SCALE OF GLOW NACHOS.They came from El Camion. Nacho review here. […]

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