Beers For Your Favorite Nachos

18 February 2011 by A Lovely Guest Category: guest
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Joshua M. Bernstein writes about beer, food, spirits, and more for Time Out New York, New York Press and AOL’s Slashfood. He spends his days searching for oddball characters, crisp pork-and-chive dumplings, cool pints of properly poured beer and bars that are as frightening as their drinks are strong. His book on craft beer, Brewed Awakening, will be released by Sterling Publishing this fall. We reached out to him for a guest post on beer pairings for our favorite nachos and he delivered.

Pretty Things Jack D’or on Slashfood

Chorizo nachos: For these nachos topped with chunks of piquant chorizo, I’m going to go a little left field and select a bone-dry, thirst-slaking saison. Perhaps you could go for Saison Dupont (the pinnacle of the style) or my American fave, Pretty Things’ Jack D’Or.

Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock on Kegworks

Pulled-pork BBQ: To stand up to the heap of fork-tender, sauce-slicked pig, I’d opt for a strong, rich German doppelbock. A classic example is the Ayinger Celebrator Dopplebock. That complex doozy’ll do the trick.

Racer 5 IPA on My Upper West

Spicy Salsa: A great mate to a lip-singeing salsa is a piney, aromatic India pale ale. One of my favorites is Racer 5, hailing from California’s Bear Republic, or perhaps the IPA from state-mate Stone.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on GrindTV

Guacamole: Unlike a fiery salsa, creamy guacamole doesn’t require such an assertive brew. I’d pour myself a big ol’ glass of aromatic American pale ale. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a great standby, while on the East Coast you could also opt for the estimable offerings from Captain Lawrence or Stoudt’s.

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