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25 February 2011 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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Last night, I met up with Bradley again, to discuss the future of Nacho Art and other big business ideas. (We have some great ones in our back pocket). We met at Bar 89 because Time Out NY said it was top 5 in NYC. We had some nachos in common, so I trusted them.

When I walked in, I felt like I was taken to a Martini bar with velvet ropes. We were sent to the upstairs, which in this scenario is the VIP section. We sat and looked down at the peons below. We looked at the menu and decided to go all the way, for a Full Order of Nachos Supreme. Important to mention that this was $19. Officially our most expensive nachos.

Photo by Chris and Nick Schonberger – Time Out NY

I’m borrowing the picture from Time Out NY because their’s is more glamorous.

This what ours looked like. These nachos were so covered in cheese, that if you went to the supermarket, grabbed 2 packages of the “Mexican Blend” (mostly cheddar with hints of pepper jack) and poured it with your eyes closed, this is what you’d get.

The chips were crisp, though they didn’t get the chance to be challenged by beans or salsa. Covering the nachos was a slew of jalapenos, olives, tomatoes and peppers. With no guacamole, beans or sour cream, the flavor was dominated by the cheese. And mostly what I didn’t like about these is the fact that while I ate them, I couldn’t help but think, these could be easily made in any home kitchen.

Why did these cost $19? Let me know if you figure that out.

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  • Jeff said:

    I have a great idea for a new buisness franchise that has to do with nachos. I do not have any idea who to talk to and do not want this idea to be taken from me by telling the wrong person. If you want to know more and you are willing to fare contact me.

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