Taco Bell meat: Burrito half empty or half full?

26 January 2011 by Lee Frank Category: Nacho News
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We’ve been reading articles ALL OVER THE INTERNET about how the meat mixture used at Taco Bell is only 35% meat. From Serious Eats I learned, “According to the USDA, the beef filling for Taco Bell’s tacos must contain at least 40% beef.” That’s gross enough. But to come in below that number is astounding. I don’t need my burritos cheap enough that you can’t even meet meat requirements.

In the past, we’ve reviewed things at Taco Bell like the Nacho Crunch Burrito and their nachos and have always been grossed out. But I can also admit that for a long time, I’ve frequented Taco Bell when I’m near the Combination Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. I like chalupas. As of January 1, I’ve decided not to go to Taco Bell in 2011 and the news of their beef or lack thereof is making it much easier.

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  • smarkham said:

    When I heard about this story I immediately wondered what your response would be since you talk about and eat more taco bell than anyone I know. I hope they clean up their act!

  • J said:

    I always thought Taco Bell was alright for at least fast food until I went to the west coast and found Del Taco. Del Taco is everything that Taco Bell should be and cheaper too. Granted it is still fast food Mexican but it is just way better than Taco Bell…I’ve been waiting years for them to come east but it will not happen looks like. Taco Bell did change their recipe at one point though around 1995…their meat got worse and their cheese was no longer very finely grated. The shells changed too. Don’t know if anybody remembers that.

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