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5 January 2011 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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On our first review of 2011, I wanted to find a restaurant that would start our year off with a BANG. I chose South Houston in Soho because from the menu the Chos sounded good and I happened to be in the area checking out Tammany Hall (awesome new venue that you’ll know about soon).

Before we even ordered, we quickly realized that this wouldn’t be a quiet experience. On one side of us was a loud lady watching college football with her friends and on the other a couple chatted boisterously in a language I didn’t recognize. But we persisted, thinking delicious nachos could drown out the noises of the day. Promising pulled chicken and chili, the Chos sounded like a meaty dream come true, but were they?

When they arrived on the table, one thing was clear, there is definitely chili on this plate. And I quickly pondered if any of our other nachos had slivers of avocado on it. The chips were crisp and only a few buckled under the weight of the toppings. The cheese, a standard pepper jack was tasty as well. The issue I alluded was the chili; it was delicious but it overwhelmed the dish and created a mess. And the chicken was basically nonexistent and not decadent at all.

So, this wasn’t a great start, but it wasn’t awful. I am still optimistic for nachos in 2011.

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  • Pete’s Waterfront Ale House | Nachos NY said:

    […] been anti-chili; it takes over a platter of nachos with a quickness. Usually like most recently at South Houston, you don’t notice the nachos under all the sauce and beans. But, I’m adventurous, so […]

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