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20 January 2011 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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A good Saturday= Dim Sum and nachos. I made that happen this past weekend, electing to eat Dim Sum in the morning at Oriental Garden and then meeting up with Erica and Stephen of the Brooklyn Brew Shop at Pete’s Waterfront Ale House in Cobble Hill at their suggestion. Pete’s Waterfront Ale House and it’s brother/sister/sibling restaurant Waterfront Ale House in Manhattan have one interesting thing in common: Venison Chili.

In old blog posts I’ve been anti-chili; it takes over a platter of nachos with a quickness. Usually like most recently at South Houston, you don’t notice the nachos under all the sauce and beans. But, I’m adventurous, so how did it work at Pete’s?

Venison Chili Nachos at Pete's Waterfront Ale House
Venison Chili Nachos

Vegetarian Chili Nachos at Waterfront Ale
Vegetarian Chili Nachos

I was shocked to see that neither chilis ruined their overall presentation. We dug in. The venison was meaty and not dripping all over the place. The ends of some of the chips were cooked to little burns at the ends and quite tasty. Within the cheese was some hidden jalapenos and obviously on top, some sour cream.

The vegetarian nachos stood up to the venison pretty well, I thought. Erica bemoaned and worried about when we ordered them, but she agreed at the end that they were pretty good. Neither nacho left us with soggy, gross chips. I should give my one complaint: the cheese. Towards the end of my eating, I found plenty of chips with no toppings to be proud of. Oh yeah, and their beer selection is pretty excellent.

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  • Five Nacho Spots for Super Bowl Sunday | Nachos NY said:

    […] Pete’s Waterfront Ale House – These are the most recent and superfresh in my mind. There’s a few TVs in here and I’m sure there’ll be a crowd getting their ‘cho on with cheese heads. […]

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