Gonzalez Y Gonzalez (Closing to become a Chipotle)

6 January 2011 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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UPDATE: From commenter Andrew on EATER

Hi, I work with the folks at Gonzalez and ARK Restaurants and just to clarify, the lease issue was never about renewing or not renewing. ARK/Gonzalez was beholden to a decision made by a judge (not the landlord) based on bids made by ARK/Gonzalez and Chipotle. Neither ARK/Gonzalez nor the landlord had anything to do with the decision. Thanks,

We get our fair share of emails from people that love nachos and want to share something magical in the nacho realm. Then, there are super heroes that come to us with things like nacho art and album nachos. And it brings a tear to my eye when I finally meet them. Last night, I finally met Bradley of both those works and we ate nachos.

We chose Gonzalez y Gonzalez because they recently added nachos to their menu. Unfortunately, yesterday when we had plans to go, I found out that they were closing at the end of the month. We questioned whether we should, but decided that history would be proud that we’d document this for future generations.

It was suggested by our waitress that we eat Nachos Locos with carnitas, pickled jalapenos, three cheeses, chile de arbol salsa, pico de gallo, and lettuce. She asked if we could handle a little spice and we’re tough, so we did. When we got it, we found a smallish dish with covered with lettuce, to our dismay. The chips were crisp, but lacked a salty flavor, making me wonder if these were hard shell tortillas broken gently. But the carnitas and jalapenos gave each bite a meaty and hint of spice flavor. I would like to say I’m mad there was no guacamole or sour cream, but we were well aware of the lack of it so I’m not mad. I probably wouldn’t get these again, but I’d like to try the other nachos and the Happy Hour is nice.

As we sipped on our free margaritas courtesy of checking in on foursquare, we asked the waitress why the place was closing. She told us, that for the past two years Gonzalez & Gonzalez has been in having trouble with their landlord. So, after 21 years of business (and they were BUSY), Gonzalez Y Gonzalez is closing because of all things, Chipotle came in and is taking the space. That blows.

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  • Bradley said:

    I look forward to Nacho-ing with you again soon! And perhaps closing Gonz y Gonz down on 1/29!

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  • Danon Johnson said:

    Wow,can’t believe we’re losing GyG to a Chipolte. Been a
    favorite spot of mine since 1989 when I use to do security there to
    now, as a customer. Always treated special by all staff, and by
    far, the best Margaritas in town. You felt comfortable hanging by
    yourself to watch the game at the bar, or hanging with friends. End
    of an era; Peace GyG!

  • Will said:

    The power of the post: Good response from GyG. Though Chipotle is from my home city of Denver, that doesn’t make me okay with this. I mean, I guess expansion is expansion, but this was a landmark. If Chipotle keeps the neon exterior decor, I will think differently.

  • Will said:

    I mean, damn. That glowing hat was stock footage for Newsradio, one of the best shows of all time.

  • Didi said:

    I can’t believe it! One of the few places left with a live salsa band. Will they moving elsewhere? Or are they completely shutting down?!

  • lee (author) said:

    As far as I know, they are not opening anything else, but I’ll try to find out.

  • JD said:

    G&G a NY landmark, will miss this place! It’s sad ! Chipolte coming in is insulting. I remember when soho was cool. What’s next?

  • Elizabeth said:

    I loved Gonzalez and Gonzalez. Sadly, we had to say goodbye. One thing I know for sure. I will never step a foot on that Chipotle. Chipotle is like the Macdonalds of mexican food. G&G had character had spirit. It was great to go dance there on Thursday nights. I doubt Chipotle will ever have half of the life G&G had.

  • Loisaidas said:

    Mucha Bachata Merengue y Salsa; Can’t believe it. Love that G n G……

  • evan said:

    Many people might already know, or soon will find out, that Chipotle is reopening next week at the Broadway entrance of the old Gonzalez y Gonzalez. What many people might also not know, is Chipotle only took half of the original space, and that 2 of the original bartenders from Gonzalez y Gonzalez were able to secure the name and the other half of the space, entrance on 192 Mercer Street, down the block from the Angelica Theatre, and will be reopening, with bands and all, by the end of the year.

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