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28 January 2011 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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It snowed a lot. Like seriously, Thundersnow? But I wanted to eat some nachos, so I did just that. I also forgot my keys, so I had to pick them up from Nozomi in the Soho area. I remembered passing a place called Downtown Bakery near Puebla and seeing that they indeed sold nachos.

When I went in, I saw their huge board covered with Mexican offerings. On the side, the nachos section lied before me. I chose the Nachos with Guacamole as I checked into Downtown Bakery on Foursquare. All the tips said things like “best mexican food” and “totally awesome dude”, so I was excited.

Much like at Puebla, they came out in a aluminum container with guacamole covering most of the platter. Where they differed however, was pretty much everywhere else. The chips while tasty constantly fell apart under the weight of the cheese and beans. The ones that didn’t break were soggy from the black bean mess. And the guacamole was very liquidy and super spicy.

After I ate and had my fill of these ok nachos, I snapped this below picture. What I was left with is chips, some spicy guacamole and black bean goop. The cheese is gone. I am sad.

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