Would You Eat Nacho Dumplings?

1 December 2010 by Nachos NY Staff Category: guest
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From time to time our alliances come in handy. One of my favorite blogs, Dumpering, just happens to be run by my friend Lindsay. I briefly mentioned the idea of a Nacho Dumpling and within 5 hours, she had crafted, photographed and sent me just that.

So here’s what she told me about it.

Mixing cultures and food is the current culinary trend. So, why not nachos and dumplings?

The Nacho Pot Sticker ensures an even ratio of topping (or in this case, filling) for each chip (or dumpling wrapper). It’s juicy, crispy, flavorful, and stays hot. The cheese fries up nicely on the edges, adding to the crunch of the wrapper, and fresh tomato, diced avocado, onion, and red cabbage add full texture to the filling. The pre-cooked ground beef with onions, tomato, and garlic add a savory juiciness hard to find in baked nachos.

The verdict? Definitely something worth trying while fusing some of the best assets of both foods.

Check out the Dumpering recipe for Nacho Dumplings.

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