The Nacho-Eating Bandit

2 December 2010 by Lee Frank Category: nachos in the media
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Google Alerts is the greatest thing ever. Because of it, we were able to share the Spoonacho, the Man/Nacho-adoring Tiger, and the choking hazards of Nachos. It also lets me know that a lot of school lunches include nachos. This one probably takes the cake, though.

Khory Gagner, 21, of El Jebel, Colorado broke into the Fine Line Bar to rob and pillage, but found himself craving something delicious. He wanted nachos.

Yes. I made a graphic for this article. It’s Khory and his thought process.

“He was trying to make himself some nachos,” Ben Levy, owner of the Fine Line Bar said. Onions, cheese, bacon and pepperoni were among the bandit’s toppings of choice. He proceeded to leave four bags of chips on the stove and started a fire. After reviewing video of the incident, the strip mall owners found Khory nearby. They were able to to chase him down due in large part to his baggy clothing with “pants were clear down around his knees.”

This begs two important questions. Would you break into your favorite restaurant if the nacho craving hit? Would you pull your pants up if you had to run away?

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