The Best Nacho Gifts for Everyone You Know (Contest)

3 December 2010 by Lee Frank Category: buy now
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We love nachos and you love nachos. We can tell you all about our store, which you know about (right?), but you might want some other great gifts, too. So we’ve decided to suggest gifts for your loved ones by their favorite Nacho part: chips, cheese, salsa, guacamole, and everything else.

On each page, one of the items will be a giveaway in bold. To win: leave a comment with your favorite part and why. The contest ends in 2 weeks on December 17.


Buy the crunch lover in your group a tortilla chip warmer

Got a thick wallet? Then buy someone this tortilla chip warmer. At just $2070, you can have warm chips.

Dropping thousands on machinery isn’t your thing? How about a beautiful painting of a chip recently injured by a bite. Etsy: foodhorrorshow: 7$.

For the cutesy friend, get this ADORABLE bag of felt tortilla chips. The good news is they are low in sodium. Etsy: kimamaya: $7.

If chips are your favorite, tell us why in the comments and you’ll win a Nachos NY Starter Pack.

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  • Rob Blasko said:

    Why are chips my favorite? They were my first love. In college, I had one of those meal plans where my school ID gave me access to buy things at a university-owned convenience store. Being a snack-loving dude, I opted to spend my meal plan cash on tortilla chips, salsa, cheese dips, and whatever other nacho-related ingredients I could score from the convenience store. And so the love affair began. Friends would always want to come over and get in on the action, and I guess that sort of experimentation is what college is all about. But I couldn’t do it—these nachos were mine, and only mine.

  • A-Tooch said:

    Been wanting to try the new Sleepy Hollow salsa from Bk Salsa! Would gobble up that 6 pack!

  • guack attack said:

    I love avocados the most because they are creamy, savory, soft, chunky, sweet… and a whole lot more! They are the perfect raw food, and can be eaten so many different ways. I can eat them in asian food (sushi), in mexican food, in soup, whole, as dessert, and most importantly, I can eat them on tortilla chips. Omnomnom.

  • samantha said:

    Guacamole is my favorite part. I love avocados and have found many uses from them from sandwiches to a great skin moisturizer. But guacamole is what makes nachos for me. You can eat it with the chips, a spoon or even your fingers. Its green, chunky, spicy and cool all at the same time – perfect.

  • Elizabeth said:

    I feel in love with Nachos after having the best plate of chili loaded nachos at a local pub in NY. The chili is spicy and the cheese brown and crunchy and the tomatoes and lettuce chilled.. siiiigh… the waitress doesn’t even ask my order anymore, she just brings them to me. Nachos solve all problems in live…

  • Salsa-lita said:

    Salsa is my favorite part of nachos- after all, every good nacho plate needs a good hint of spice. And cilantro!

  • Vanessa said:

    SALSA is my fav part, especially when it’s made in Brooklyn! Nachos can be an ooey goey warm affair with the cheese, beans, and whatnot, but salsa adds a nice bright, chilly (but spicy) kick. Know what I mean?

  • Hamberguesa said:

    Gotta be the cheese! It melts in your mouth, not in your hand. Anddddd now I’m drooling like Homer Simpson. Mmm, cheese fantasies…

  • Jen said:

    CHEESE. If there is no cheese, there are no nachos. Plus, when you go over to someone’s house, and they offer you some cheese, do you ever NOT want some?

  • Jen said:

    Wait, am I allowed to say salsa too? Because I also have a raving salsa addiction.

  • sofia said:

    i want that cheeseboard… ’cause then i can throw fancy wine and cheese parties and invite my nachosny peeps with awesome last names. ya dig?

  • smarkham said:

    Guacamole! It’s the first thing I think of when I hear nachos. I love when it’s made fresh for you at the table and you can watch all the deliciousness coming together. And as Guactacular has shown us there are endless variations that lead to new taste explosions!

  • Kate said:

    Salsa — ABSOLUTELY my favorite! In fact, I once posted on FB that I could survive only on a diet of chips & salsa for every meal. and that is probably the most truthful morsel of information spewed from these lips for weeks (I’m an attorney).
    salsa is so fresh — so fresh and delicious. i love my salsa with a vibrant cilantro flavor. i often add my own fresh cilantro to a jar of prepared salsa. actually, i prefer the small cans of salsa found in the mexican food aisle of the grocery store that proudly boasts ‘caliente’ across the label in bold red letters.
    my love for salsa is so strong, that if i could, i would bathe myself in salsa; feel it between my toes and behind my ears, and proudly exclaim to the world — I LOVE YOU SALSA!!
    then, i would marry it.

  • Nicole said:

    My favorite part is the salsa on nachos-preferably a mango flavor. This may sound gross, but I love when the chips are somewhat soggy after marinating in a good mango salsa!

  • Claudia said:

    Chips are amazing because they are portable, dippable and salty. What a delish combo.

  • Claudia said:

    CHEESE- Cheese is awesome because it comes in various textures and flavors. There is so much to try and discover. Cheese can put it on anything and that food will always taste better! Furthermore, there are foods that I won’t eat, like salad, unless you put some cheese on it. Without the cheese, salad is just blech! Lastly, my favorite food is mac and cheese. That says it all right there.

  • Claudia said:

    SALSA-It’s amazing because it tastes so good and yet its actually healthy. Imagine that!?

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