The Best Nacho Gifts for Everyone You Know (Contest)

3 December 2010 by Lee Frank Category: buy now
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We love nachos and you love nachos. We can tell you all about our store, which you know about (right?), but you might want some other great gifts, too. So we’ve decided to suggest gifts for your loved ones by their favorite Nacho part: chips, cheese, salsa, guacamole, and everything else.

On each page, one of the items will be a giveaway in bold. To win: leave a comment with your favorite part and why. The contest ends in 2 weeks on December 17.


Buy the crunch lover in your group a tortilla chip warmer

Got a thick wallet? Then buy someone this tortilla chip warmer. At just $2070, you can have warm chips.

Dropping thousands on machinery isn’t your thing? How about a beautiful painting of a chip recently injured by a bite. Etsy: foodhorrorshow: 7$.

For the cutesy friend, get this ADORABLE bag of felt tortilla chips. The good news is they are low in sodium. Etsy: kimamaya: $7.

If chips are your favorite, tell us why in the comments and you’ll win a Nachos NY Starter Pack.

Keep Reading: 1 2 3 4 5

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