Tigers, like humans, are drawn to Nachos

29 November 2010 by Lee Frank Category: nachos in the media
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I have a bizarre story to share with you; one that makes me suspicious that the SF Examiner is attempting to target content to me.

In 2007, the brothers Kulbir and Amritpal Dhaliwal were mauled at the San Francisco Zoo by a Siberian tiger, Tatiana. With no cameras and no interviews from the brothers, much of the story hasn’t be unclear. Now, a police interview has surfaced thanks to the SF Examiner and some truths have been revealed. The boys were eating nachos just before the attack.

Tatiana, the tiger

Are they to blame? Take a look at this excerpt from the interview.

Police: OK, were you guys eating anything?

Kulbir Dhaliwal: Oh, we had nachos.

Police: OK, all of you had nachos?

Kulbir Dhaliwal: Uh, we only had one plate, so—

Police: Who was holding the nachos?

Kulbir Dhaliwal: Um, can’t remember.


Police: Did you guys do anything to try and get the tiger’s attention?

Kulbir Dhaliwal: No, we were just looking for a minute then we were walking away and this tiger jumped at us.

Police: You didn’t talk to the tigers, or—

Kulbir Dhaliwal: Nah.

Police: You didn’t try to get their attention? Because, I know, sometimes at the zoo when you see animals they’re just kind of laying there, you know? So you might want to get their attention to, you know, see them move around and that type of thing.

Kulbir Dhaliwal: No.

Police: Did you guys throw anything at them? Throw them any nachos or any food?

Kulbir Dhaliwal: No.

More of the interview is on the San Francisco Examiner.

What do you think? Are nachos and tigers a dangerous potion?

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    […] Alerts is the greatest thing ever. Because of it, we were able to share the Spoonacho, the Man/Nacho-adoring Tiger, and the choking hazards of Nachos. It also lets me know that a lot of school lunches include […]

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