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24 November 2010 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews
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Previously on Nachos NY, we reviewed Cowgirl in the West Village and were not pleased. However, when we saw a Scoutmob coupon for their sister restaurant offering Hurricane Nachos we were all over it.

Let’s also add a little disclaimer to this post. Lee was a little too drunk to review these chos. Cowgirl Seahorse’s “Moon Over Milwaukee” (a shot of moonshine and a can of Old Milwaukee) seems to be Lee’s nacho kryptonite. Thankfully, I was there to restore class and dignity to the Nachos NY name and provide a world class review of Hurricane Nachos.

What are Hurricane Nachos? Well, they are pretty much everything-but-the-kitchen-sink nachos. The monster cookie of the nacho world, these ‘chos had shirmp, pork, steak, chicken, and a wide range of veggies including carrots. For the vegetarians at the table, we ordered a veggie nacho plate as well. Those were cleaned up without complaint. However, I had a few issues with the hurricane nachos.

There were few chips for the amount of toppings. After a while it was just a pile of random toppings and we are in dire need of some forks. The pork was delicious but I could do with the shrimp. I am really not a fan of  seafood and nachos. Cheddar cheese and salsa do not pair well with the delicate flavors of the sea. The idea of Hurricane Nachos was appealing, however, at $16.95 a plate they fell a little short of our expectations.

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