Are Nachos Dangerous?

18 November 2010 by Lee Frank Category: announcementsvideo
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In Acadiana, Louisianna, reports of nacho danger came out. 11-year-old Garret Lasalle was just trying to eat his lunch-time nachos. AND THEN, he started choking. When his best friend went for help, fellow student Victor Persilver jumped to his side. Victor learned how to give the heimlich from television, so that proves that television helps children instead of harming. The question: Are nachos dangerous for us to eat? Watch the video and see what you think.

Also, aren’t you jealous that we don’t get nacho lunches at work? I am.

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  • sofia said:

    um. this is kind of hilarious/ awesome. these kids look a little hefty – do you think it’s a result of nachos being served at school cafeterias? i mean, we never got stuff like that at school. not to say i want to exclude middle schoolers from enjoying the pleasure derived from inhaling nachos without chewing properly… but you know. safety first.

  • lee (author) said:

    I don’t remember having it either, but I might have. I tend to forget bad memories, like terrible school nachos.

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