The Top Ten Videos Of Pets Eating Nachos

5 October 2010 by Lee Frank Category: video
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We were just informed that Avocados are VERY HARMFUL for domestic animals. Please don’t feed your dogs, cats, or even guinea pigs (gross) any guacamole, no matter how much you think they’ll like it. We hope known of these animals have been harmed in the making of these videos.

Yesterday, we found a spanish attempt at a viral video. Time has probably already told us that it’s probably not viral. However, we here at Nachos NY know that people love videos of pets. We love them, too. We know the internet loves Nachos, too. We obviously love Nachos. So we’ve been looking at videos all day of cats, birds, dogs, and octopuses eating nachos. Here’s the best 10 with 6 words of description for each. Which one is the best?

Kitty Cat Is A Guac Fiend.

90 Seconds Of Dog – Guac Puppy Love.

“Dog, Get Out Of My Nachos”

Chos Before Bones and Hoes, too.

This bird likes his salsa SPICY.

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