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1 October 2010 by Lee Frank Category: interview
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Me and Andy of Seven Second Delay
Upon seeing that photo, you might wonder where I am. Well, you see, I was asked to join WFMU’s Seven Second Delay’s attempt to create the URDB record for the most interviews in an hour. It’s important to mention here, that Nachos NY are veterans of URDB; we have the record for the Most People Eating Guacamole On A Boat. I got to be #49, meaning I was batting cleanup on the interesting lineup. Other people I knew, Amber of Hey Brooklyn, Rob of IMDBoner, Patrick of The Skint, and Jinners of I <3 Nerds. The guy before me, of Pizza Harvester, was for some reason protecting his image with a wig and rapid-non-stop speaking so I think that Ken and Andy were food-exhausted by my turn.

However, I calmed them back down with a couple quips and by the end, Andy said I was “very cute.” You can listen below, but if you want to jump ahead, check out minute 52. And thanks to WFMU, Ken and Andy, and Mr. The Skint for suggesting I join the fun.

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