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In food, sometimes it seems that fusion is the driving force of tasty new delights. From the bacon egg roll of Food Parc to the salty sweet cupcakes of Baked, weird combinations can make a name for a new restaurant. With that in mind, last night I went to Baorrito, an Asia meets Mexico restaurant in Gramercy. Baorrito opened as a permutation of Baoguette, a Banh Mi spot, where the owner noticed the cooking staff making delicious foods out the leftovers of his menu. So, obviously when he decided to switch it up, the choice was simple.

The Menu for Baorrito

We ordered a lot, probably almost half the menu of this small, take-out oriented restaurant. The festive inside has 2 tables for 4 and a counter by the window to eat at, too. We got our tacos, burritos and wings just before the nachos arrived.

The Nachos from Baorrito were delicious

Before I get into whether I liked them or not, I should say, these tasted different from every nacho I ever had.

Nacho Bao at Baorrito

Switching out cilantro for basil provided a sweet flavor I don’t usually look for or want in my nacho plate, but these were pretty good. I’m also not a fan of cheese sauce, though it worked well with the Spicy Thai Basil Beef.  And the jalapenos filled in the spice gap. These were good, but seriously we kept being surprised just how different these tasted from our usual nachos. I’m absolutely returning here as I’m curious if I can get the nachos with the other meat choices next time.

Other things we ate: the wings were delicious, but small; the spicy braised short rib was tasty but not actually spicy and the same went for the guacamole, it was extremely fresh and delicious but the name spicy guacamole didn’t fit.

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