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22 October 2010 by Lee Frank Category: interview
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Yesterday, we posted the Album Nachos that is pretty much being loved. It was inspired by Album Tacos, so we reached out to them to talk about the idea and found out they’re none other than The Hood Internet, mashup geniuses.

Where’s your favorite city to tour to?
STV SLV: Got love for so many cities including the home base Chicago. NYC, San Fran, Austin, Portland, Vancouver and Minneapolis/St Paul are good stops, especially when it comes to food.

You love to make songs and photoshops. Which comes easier for you?
ABX: Probably a little more skilled with the mashups. My photoshopping skills have a limited range.

What is your favorite mash-up(s) of all-time?
STV SLV: Whiskey & Coke

What is one song you always want to mash with something else, but can’t find anything to put it with?
ABX: Petey Pablo’s “Raise Up” would be great.

Do you have a go-to food when on tour?
STV SLV: If we were able to calculate an average, Mexican food would probably hold top billing.

Why did you create Album Tacos?
ABX: Kept hoping someone else would do it but no one did. So we did it for the good of the internet.

It seems great minds think alike. Which do you like more?

Which Album Taco is your favorite?
STV SLV: There’s almost 500 at this point, so choosing a favorite is tough. Here’s my top ten.

Do you have any other tumblrs you’re about to drop?
ABX: I’m sure we’ll come up with some other crazy thing.

Which one of you like nachos more?
STV SLV: I’m gonna say ABX put that’s purely speculation.

What to you is the most important ingredient for nachos?
ABX: Cheese

Thanks to The Hood Internet for sharing their idea and answering our questions. It just so happens that they’re playing at Brooklyn Bowl tonight if you’re looking for some fun!

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