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You know when you get asked by a restaurant to come eat nachos and you worry that they’ll be really terrible because they’re $5 (UPDATE: We’re told the price has been raised to $6.50 before 7pm)? Maybe you’re not familiar, but I am. (Just so you know, we did pay for these nachos and haven’t taken any free ones yet). I worry before every nacho eating that is at the request of the restaurant, I never want to be mean to a place that’s been nice to me. Ofrenda reached out a few times via twitter and finally we went. We got margaritas and the chorizo nachos.

At just $5 (at the bar only), it would be tough to get mad if they weren’t very good. However, they were totally tasty. The chips were crispy and salty and homemade. That will always make me smile. On top of that, was a heap of chorizo, black beans, sour cream, pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo, and a couple horizontally-sliced jalapenos on top. Me and Rachel slammed through these, every ingredient was delicious. I only have 2 tiny complaints: 1) I ran out of chips, but still had tasty things to eat and 2) what’s the deal with sneaking some lettuce/spinach hiding in the middle. Other than that, a delight.

I have to recommend these nachos to people, especially at $5.

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  • The Best Nachos of 2010 | Nachos NY said:

    […] Ofrenda: $5 nachos – with chorizo! House-made chips made this plate of nachos the highlight of my year. Lee was a little upset at the lack of chips to topping ratio but at $5, I was in love. […]

  • Brad said:

    Thanks for pointing this place out! I work nearby, went last night on your recommendation.

    First, you are right, these are off-the-chart good. Excellent find.

    They aren’t $5 anymore though. They are $8, or $6.50 before 7p.

    Thanks again!

  • lee (author) said:

    Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll fix that!

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