Nacho Headlines: A Palin, Re-engineering chos

29 September 2010 by Lee Frank Category: Nacho News
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Beyond the reviews and the recipes; the weird etsy and tattoos, we like news, NACHO NEWS. We’ll try to do this type of post regularly highlighting nacho news around the web.

In a segment for Dancing With The Stars, 19-year-old Bristol Palin was eating nachos at a bar. Alaskan officials have launched an investigation into why Bristol Palin was in a bar, but Bristol maintains she only had nachos. [TMZ]
A chef in Arizona believes he has reinvented the nacho, what do you think? [Arizona Republic]
Madison Square Market is back, but filled with delicious foods that aren’t nachos. [Village Voice]
The ultimate guide to making Apple “Nachos” [How Sweet It Is]

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