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3 August 2010 by Lee Frank Category: interviewnacho radio
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When we’re not reviewing nachos all over the place or throwing events that garner URDB records, we like to talk to bands. We’ve been tweeting with Shark? for sometime and had questions to ask them.

Shark? at Glasslands in BrooklynTell me about your band?
Shark? is four dudes who like being loud and writing short, tight pop songs. We all met here in Brooklyn and found we had similar musical influences. We’ve released three self-recorded EPs on our Bandcamp, and we are recording our first proper full-length at the end of August.

How would you describe it?
Shark? is like a bull in a china shop. We love music, especially fast rock and roll, but we’re not schooled in our instruments per se. So we stumble and bump into things in our attempt to create the perfect pop song.

Where have you played?
Mostly in Brooklyn, but also Philadelphia, Baltimore and Austin. We played at the Northside Festival a bunch.

Why a question mark?
Why nachos?

Which member of your band is the most into Nachos?
Probably myself (Kevin). Nachos are the first food, I learned how make on my own. My mother is a culinary institute-trained chef, so I have her recipe. One year for christmas, she got me my very own, five sided cheese grater. It was a glorious year.

I’ve Got Friends from Exact Neutral on Vimeo.

Which ingredient does each member represent?
I’d say Andy our drummer is like the chips, cause we need him as our foundation. I’ll be the beef, cause I write most of the songs, which is very filling. Our Bassist, also named Andy, is the cheese, because he keeps the beef and the chips attached to one another. And our lead guitarist, Muggs, is like the cilantro and cumin, cause he adds all the spice.

What’s in your ideal Nachos?
Beef, Refried Beans, lots of cumin and coriander, some red pepper flakes, and a ton of cheese. Jalapenos, tomato and fresh onion on the top. I like yellow restaurant style corn chips cause they stand up under the weight of the toppings.

What’s your go-to drink with Nachos?
I like a cold tecate or a strong margarita.

What’s your go-to food on tour?
In Austin we would go to late night Jack-In-The-Box to get cheap tacos. In Baltimore, there’s this mexican restaurant that our drummer showed us with major nachos. Basically, anything cheap and filling. Have you heard of chicken waffle tacos?

Shark? at Fort Useless

Which meat do you prefer on nachos?
When it comes to other mexican food, I enjoy chicken, pork, chorizo, all the meats of the rainbow. But when it comes to Nachos, I prefer ground beef and refried beans.

Who makes the best guac/salsa?
Our bassist Andy makes mean Guac, but sometimes he puts too much garlic in it and it makes him sick.

What are the weirdest nachos you’ve had?
My mother invented pulled pork nachos: Pulled pork on top of home made potato chips with cheese, avocado and mango salsa. We also invented this thing on tour called Breakfast nachos, but it’s only in the planning stages right now.

Thanks to Shark? for talking to us. You can check their Bandcamp and Myspace. If you’re an awesome band that also likes chos, email us or leave a comment and we’ll talk chos with you.

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