Stadium Nachos (A Queso The Munchies)

9 August 2010 by Shawn Parow Category: a queso the munchies
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Shawn is the mastermind behind eat!drink!snack! He eats, drinks, rambles and has absolutely no problem with being your snack monkey. In this column, A Queso The Munchies, Shawn will be reviewing any and every snack he can find that’s deemed “Nacho” or nacho-related.

The NFL season doesn’t start for another month, but the fake NFL season begins this Tuesday, when EA releases Madden NFL 11, the latest edition of their ridiculously popular football video game. To get folks in the mood, fresh off the creation of their Ballpark Nacho Fritos, the folks at Frito Lay have developed another sports-themed snack, Stadium Nacho Doritos, one of two new Doritos flavors (along with Tailgate BBQ) that are “inspired by Madden NFL 11.” It’s been a while since I’ve played Madden, but I assume it means that they’re inspired by sitting on your ass playing simulated sports.

While Frito Lay’s sports-themed Fritos taste shockingly like ballpark nachos, their sports-themed Doritos don’t bear any resemblance to any nachos I’ve ever eaten. Sure they’ve got some of the ingredients of nachos—tortilla chips, cheese (Cheddar, Swiss, Monterey Jack, and Parmesan), sour cream and green jalapeno pepper powder—but they really just taste like regular Doritos flavored with different cheeses than usual. There’s no uniquely striking nacho taste or nacho spiciness to them. At least they’re flavorful.

Madden 2011 Stadium Nachos

Still, their authenticity as a nacho snack is questionable, but as far as Doritos go they’re pretty tasty, so I guess I won’t tell Frito Lay to take a hut-hut-hike. I will however tell them to try harder next time when they’re coming up with a gratuitous video game tie-in.

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