Talking Cannibalism, Chunky Milk and Chos with Hollerado

18 August 2010 by Lee Frank Category: eventsinterview
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Nacho House NYC flyerWith this Friday’s Nacho House NYC coming so fast, we rushed to the phones to talk to idea originators and amazing band, Hollerado. They put on Nacho Houses on the map at SXSW and NXNE. So we talked to them a little about music and a lot about our common interest, chos. Come see us all this Friday at Cake Shop.

Where’s your favorite place to play?
Our favourite place to play is always the tiny dirty little bars. the ones that smell like they hosted a hockey tournament that lasted for 72 uninterrupted hours and ended right before you walked in the door. the energy in the crowd is the best. People aren’t afraid to sweat if they know they’re going to smell like shit no matter what.

What bands influence you most?
We tend not to draw musically from any specific sources. what ever pleases the ear is just fine. We take away as much as we can however from bands live shows. Not stealing poses and rock moves, but when Flaming Lips launch 10,000 dollars worth of confetti into the audience that’s something that we try and scale down to a DIY budget.

What foods influence your nachos most?
We try and never eat/make the same nachos twice. We’ve had everything from broccoli to to pizza on our nachos. Of course you have to let your base ingredients influence what else goes on that food but when your base ingredient is cheese, the doors are wide open and your looking at a hallway of mirrors. (you know..infinity and such).

Hollerado – Fake Drugs

Which member of your band is the most into Nachos?
Answering this question would result in a band fight, and we are way to sober to take one of those seriously.

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