The Top 10 Reasons to attend Guac Rock

13 July 2010 by Lee Frank Category: announcements
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This post is for Guac Rock 2010. If you’re interested in attending the 2011 edition, check out our 2011 listing.
Guac Rock is quickly approaching (just 6 days until we hit the sea) and we thought we should provide you with the best reasons to get onboard the loveboat.
  1. North Highlands – They’re one of the L Magazine’s 8 bands to hear in 2010 and they always make me dance.
  2. URDB is sending someone to officiate our entry into the record books as the most people to eat guac on a boat.
  3. The Beets might pull out some of the Beets (from Nickelodeon’s Doug) hits.
  4. Enough guacamole to sink a ship, but that won’t happen.
  5. Metromix will be attending and taking pretty photos of your pretty faces.
  6. Flavorpill and Time Out NY think you should come.
  7. Dry Feet will be wearing swimmies to make sure you remember they can’t swim.
  8. Scoutmob has a surprise for everyone in attendance.
  9. There’s a full bar.
  10. It’s on a boat. Seriously.

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