Taco Chulo

21 July 2010 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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On a muggy Saturday night, I headed to Williamsburg for a birthday party with time to kill so with Nozomi, I went to Taco Chulo on Grand Street. When we got there, she said we couldn’t eat nachos because we didn’t have cameras with us. Fortunately, I didn’t let that stop me. We took out our smart brilliant phones and ate nachos.

We looked at the menu and saw Nachos Classicos and Nachos Chulos. Nachos Chulos had chile con queso (cheese sauce), which is usually a no-no, but it had the name of the restaurant in it, so we chose it. We also ordered margaritas, fish tacos and the Chulo Bowl. Our nachos came soon.

Normally, we hate cheese sauce, it’s true. But this time, I accepted it. In this case, it was delicious. Garnished with radishes and cilantro, the chos had pickled jalapeños, refried pinto beans, guacamole, crema, and pico de gallo. The chips were crispy and the “chile con queso” was cheesey and a little spicy. The guac was fresh and tasty and the tomatoes added a nice color to the plate. We tore through these and would gladly do it again.

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