Forrest Cole on Guac, Brooklyn Flea, and Gypsies, Tramps, and Tacos

30 July 2010 by Rachel Anderson Category: interview
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Now a profile on a Guacatular contestant, a taco enthusiast, and a lover of Mexican cuisine: Forrest Cole. Forrest not only entered the Guactacular with his creation, he also served the masses as part of Choncho’s Tacos. Now his restaurant, The Loading Dock, will host Gypsies, Tramps, and Tacos this Saturday. This west coast transplanted has a few things to say about east coast Mexican, the Brooklyn Flea, and of course, guacamole.

What was your guacamole recipe for the Guactauclar 2010?

Avocado (of course)
Red Onion
Serrano Peppers

Besides the basics like salt, pepper, and avocados if you could only put 3 more ingredients into a good guac what would they be?

If I only have three other ingredients, they would be cilantro, lime, and serranos.

How would you describe the East Coast’s Mexican food? What does your food bring to New York that the city may be lacking or needing?

I think Mexican food on the East Coast has been improving significantly over the past decade, but there is still a lack of general quality. I believe much of this is due to the fact that many places are not using fresh, quality products, and are content to use things from a can, box, etc. I use freshly-made tortillas, and high-quality meats and produce. It was particularly important for me to make a kick-ass fish taco because after years of trying to find one of note in New York, I have been unsuccessful. So I make sure that I use tasty fish such as Mahi Mahi, or Atlantic Cod, and though these end up costing customers more than another spot, I stand behind the deliciousness.

What is so special about tacos like why did you chose to start Chonchos and go to Brooklyn Flea?

Being from Southern California, taco are to me, what pizza is to New Yorkers. They were an integral part of my culinary youth, and since I was fiftteen, I have been a cook on and off over the past 20 years, often bringing my recipe for fish tacos into the fold.

I started Choncho’s thanks to the Brooklyn Flea, as I was looking for extra income to supplement the income from my day job as an editor. I love the creative element of creating a small business and developing a delicious and consistent menu. With the help of the Flea, I was able to expand and open the Loading Dock, and quit my day job.

When did you start the Loading Dock?

We opened the Loading Dock on December 1st.

What other events do you host at the Loading Dock besides the Glass Bandits Gypsies, Tramps, and Tacos?

We have an art gallery attached to the Loading Dock, where we often host openings. In the past we have had numerous events, including Dub at the Dock, a periodic reggae event; weddings, corporate meetings, bands, etc.

Will you be at Glass Bandits’ Gypsies, Tramps, and Tacos event on Saturday?

Unfortunately, I will not be there on Saturday night, as I will be in California attending my 20th high school reunion, but also doing taco research.

Even though Forrest won’t be in attendance, Nachos NY will be at the Loading Dock July 31st from 6-11pm with the Glass Bandits. Come to Gypsies, Tramps, and Tacos for a $10 open bar extravaganza!

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