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11 May 2010 by Rachel Anderson Category: guactacular
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Another Guactacular came and went. By the end of the night, nearly 370 people entered, consumed and chose their favorite. This post is not our play by play of the night (the next post is where you’ll learn about the recipes that won and all the helpful partners we had), instead it is our list of the top ten moments of the night. Do you have a favorite moment? Tell us in the comments.

1. People being angry. Guess what dudes, dudettes, and any one in between, this wasn’t going to be an all-out free-for-all. Sorry, we had to bring you back to 2nd grade recess, but this is a food competition. We are serious about our guacamole distribution. So what you should have done was get in line, enjoy a free beer, enjoy the awesome music, and relax, it was freaking Cinco De Mayo. Why be in such a bloody rush?

2. (Lee) When Alex Meixner and the band broke into “Guacamole,” the ultimate crowdpleaser.

3. On the day of the Guactacular, I made an awesome avocado cheesecake. It was short lived as I face planted on my way to the subway. Nothing free Modelo couldn’t fix.

4. (Our sign-artist Nozomi) Watching people show up at the polls. They were really excited to show exclaim their favorites.

5. Seeing how much guac 35 avocados could make. Holy shit yo. Like I said before, y’all just needed to relax because at the end of the competition we were swimming in an ocean of green we would have needed Noah to help a sister out. No arches in sight though.

6. (Lee’s sister Katy) After people started getting a little rowdy and tweeting their sadness on the board, we went out with our awesome Mission Foods tortilla holders and turned some frowns upside down.

7. Banana guac. ‘Nuff said.

8. (Attendee Lindsay) I loved when on the tweet-wall (very cool idea), someone wrote “Who Farted?” and I replied “I did.” Lindsay wants you to know she didn’t actually fart.

9. Toward the end of the competition, some of our judges hadn’t been through the line so I got to sheppard them through the back of the line. With out a plate, I tried all 20 guacs probably in under 10 minutes. No small feat. By number 20, I was ready to blow, but it’s a good thing I didn’t run out of there spewing or I would have missed the best one.

10. (Attendee Sarah) When, slightly after the band started around 8:25pm, I got my first bit of guac. I was there from 5pm on and all my brain wanted was guac guac guac.

Those our my and some of our friends favorite moments and photos. For more photos, check out Jon’s collection here and the great ones from Metromix.

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