20 April 2010 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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After a devastating (and cut-short) Passover, I was actively hoping to find some nachos while in Riverside Park (my first time). My frenemy Yelp sent me to Picante in Harlem. How was it?

Well, we ordered one plain and one chorizo nachos. When they came out, the first things to notice was the jalapeno sliced longways, just how I like it and sprinkled Cotija and a melted cheese. BUT, I noticed lettuce all over the place. Why would they do that to me?


There wasn’t a traditional pico de gallo here, just diced onions and tomatoes but the chorizo in nice chunks made up for the spice. We ran through these nachos with a quickness, wishing for more. So what happened when we were thirsty from the spiciness and ready to leave? We couldn’t find anyone to give us water or the bill. I was bummed out, I wanted to be hyper-positive about them, but yea. Go there for the Nachos, but know that you’re going to be there for a while.

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