Nachos in the Media: Stewart Picks Chos!

1 April 2010 by Jon Poritsky Category: nachos in the media
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Jon Stewart's Brackets

Here is another reason why Jon Stewart rocks: because he picks Nachos for the win! After ribbing President Obama’s NCAA brackets on last night’s Daily Show, the quirky host tried to show our commander in chief how a real American fills out a bracket. The result is, well, wonderful. Here’s a closeup:

Brackets Cloeup

In the world of The Daily Show, apparently nachos are a viable contestant in any competition. Sure, in real life only accredited universities get to participate in the March Madness, uhhh, madness, but I like Stewart’s methodology better. In a fight, I’m sure Nachos could beat Justin Bieber. After all, Nachos are cheesy, delicious, crunchy and have a national identity, while Justin Bieber is just cheesy.

Could Nachos take on the Orangemen? You’d better believe it. In the end nachos would prevail, albeit covered in gooey, citrusy Syracuse goodness. Hmm, that actually sounds pretty good. Apparently everyone wins on these brackets, except of course for Sarah Lawrence and Justin Bieber. Sad.

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