Mariachi Polka at the Guactacular

29 April 2010 by Rachel Anderson Category: events, guactacular, interviewnacho radio
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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month then you would know that the Guactacular is around the corner. This year, while you wet you whistle with Dos Equis and feast on 20 guacs, Alex Meixner and his band will be putting on a crazy-ass show. Mariachi polka music will be heard at the Bell House. For a little insight into what we will hear, I asked the man himself.

IMG_9579a-1For one night only at the Guactacular you are going to be performing as a mariachi polka band.  What can we expect this to sound like?

I’m very honored to have a good friend of mine named Hank Guzevich, playing trumpet ( as well as reeds) and singing with us for this gig. Hank is Polish and Mexican, so he’ll be adding his unique flair to my accordion sounds and the drummer. Of course, sometimes I play trumpet and accordion at the same time- so then we’ll really have the mariachi brass…. At the same time, I’ve done a lot of work with Tejano/ Conjunto style Tex-Mex music, which we’ll be throwing in as well…. (My “Polka Freak Out” collaboration of Polka-Tejano style with Bubba Hernandez got a Grammy nomination in 2007)

Have you done any other hybrid polka performances?

Polka music has been so far out of the pop consciousness for so long, that it’s ripe for a lot of fusions. From an ethnomusicological standpoint, I’ve done a lot of serious work that has mixed eastern European folk rhythms, jazz, classical, other folk, rock, country stuff together for recordings and performances…. Recently though, a lot of new ideas are sprouting at some of my tour venues… The Bell House particularly is very interested in bringing different ideas together- and we had a very successful OktoBurlesk show with the Wassabassco Burlesque troupe last year… (we’re hopefully reprising it again this year) In other instances I’ve done split bills with some awesome indie rock bands that have led to some cool jams… ya never know what’s going to happen when we The Alex Meixner Band hits the stage!

Would you describe your sound as a carefully orchestrated work of art like pizza style nachos or a delicious hot-mess like bar nachos?

Definitely the delicious hot mess of bar nachos! I think we all start with the idea of making a perfect plate of nachos, but then the spirit gets into ya, and you have to keep adding more of the scrumptious ingredients and next thing ya know—it’s a big ol’ mess… but it tastes great and that’s what matters… We don’t order nachos to make a smooth impression on a new acquaintance, we eat nachos with friends that know that we get messy….

If you could eat nachos with any musician/group living or dead, who would it be?

Definitely any of the south Texas boys! No one is out to prove anything to anyone down there—real people, real food, real music and real good times. Come to San Antonio and hang out on the porch at Blue Cat Studios and you’ll know what life is all about….

Since this is a guacamole competition, what would you put in your guacamole?

Probably not a good question for me, I save my creativity for the music and for eating…. My cooking skills aren’t even up to the questionable level…. But I’ve learned how to eat!

Photo courtesy of Michael G. Stewart. Check out Alex Meixner’s Youtube channel for more video coverage.

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