Clarification: It's Not a Socktacular

28 April 2010 by Jon Poritsky Category: eventsguactacular
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We thought perhaps we weren’t clear the first time that the Guactacular is a spectacular guacamole event, hence the name Guactacular. With 20 guacs, a polka-extraordinary performance, super-cheap drinks, raffles, DJs, and a lot more, you’d think we didn’t need a video. We made one anyway that features vegetables and socks that Lee is probably wearing now. Watch and embed at your leisure.

Amazing song “Guacamole” via Parry Gripp

Basically, we think know that all other -tacular’s pale in comparison to ours and decided to show you just how un-awesome they can be. Here’s a list, including the ones brilliantly portrayed above. Feel free to add to it in the comments.




Rocktacular (the geode kind)

Mocktacular (Mocking each other/Mock Turtleneck)




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  • Jake said:

    How about Locke-Tacular….. the series finally of LOST!

  • smarkham said:

    Hilarious promo!!!


  • Meg said:

    COCKtacular! Slightly inappropriate, but everything good has a porn version. That might be a weird event tho. Love the video!

  • Alan said:

    Glock-tacular for the gangsters.

    and my personal favorite, wok-tacular.

  • Maraysa said:

    Jocktacular. Cause, let’s face it, we all know basketball players are pretty boring in real life.

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    […] doors. Royale was the sight for many of our NachosNY adventures. We had T-shirt photo shoots and Guacatacular video shoots and ate Qdoba ‘chos on my lunch break all at this hot pink cafe that is smaller than my living […]

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