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26 March 2010 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews
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Last week in NYC was a summer treat. 70 degree weather, not a cloud in the sky, and nachos. Beautiful, eh? Well, almost.

The warm weather drew us to Central Park along with hundreds of others. Before a stroll in the park, we stopped at Great Burrito on the Upper West Side.

Disclaimer: We didn’t actually have a burrito at Great Burrito. From what I could tell they looked fabulous and the mole sauce on our chicken quesadilla was bangin. But again folks we are a nacho blog. Ergo, let the hating begin.


Lee says I am the mean one. [Ed. Note: You are mean.] Honestly, he just assigns me crappy nachos to review. First, we had to buy the guacamole separately. Not cool. The black beans were a runny, soupy mess. The sog factor was a serious issue. Only a few seconds went by and we had to whip out a fork to scoop up the chip mash. The up side: the guacamole was good, a lot of cilantro and super fresh. Though this was by far not the worst we’ve had, if we hadn’t planned on a trip to the park afterwards, I would have been pretty peeved we traveled so far for so little.


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  • The Worst Nachos in 2010 | Nachos NY said:

    […] Great Burrito: “Soupy mess” shouldn’t be involved in reviews of places with the word great in them. […]

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