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1 February 2010 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews
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First stop on this Astoria nacho train was Tacos Mexico. Don’t let the name fool you, their tacos may be good but their nachos were phenomenal. It took a little while for our train to get out of the station. We had a few late arrivals and Tacos Mexico was definitely overwhelmed by our hunger and magnitude. But my ‘chos were well worth the wait.


Tacos Mexico’s nachos are served up pizza style just like their original creative genius Ignacio prepared them. Some people, not as experienced in nacho-cuisine like I am, might be thrown off by this style. It’s not the down and dirty mass of goodness that you’re used to seeing . While I like to lick my fingers clean from time to time, have learned to appreciate composed ‘cho. However, for a nacho crawl there isn’t a lot to go around.



I was fortunate enough to be sitting at the chorizo table, my favorite. I normally prefer ground chorizo but again for pizza style the slices were more worked. The lettuce was a deterrent but didn’t ruin my whole nacho experience. While I didn’t get to sample the other selections, I have to say that Tacos Mexico was my favorite place on the crawl. They set up tables just for us and had a space heater in the women’s bathroom. On a cold January Saturday, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Please feel free to comment fellow crawlers since I didn’t have the other nachos. I want to know what you think!

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  • $8-and-under nachos worth the mess | Brokelyn said:

    […] not so close to home, try some worthwhile $8-and-under nachos at these places outside of Brooklyn: Tacos Mexico and Guacamole (Queens); Piano’s and Tortilla Flats […]

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