Nacho Crawl Margarita Breakdown

1 February 2010 by Category: margaritas
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Upon embarking on Nacho Crawl Astoria, I was prepared to not be able to gulp down a refreshing margarita until our last stop (Luna’s). To my knowledge, Tacos Mexico only served beer, so I was about to make due with a Dos Equis when one of our courageous soldiers informed me there was a fully stocked bar on the other side of the wall I was facing.

Originally thinking the other room housed a pool table, I was ecstatic! I jumped out of my seat and skirted through the tight tables of crawlers with fresh plates of nachos in front of them. Forgetting that my dear friend Val had just told me she hates margaritas (really, that thought is so implausible it just goes one in ear and out the other with me), I excitedly ordered two.


After some confusion on if I had accidentally ordered margaritas for everyone and some miming of salt or no salt with Lee, my eyes popped out of my head as they were delivered to our table. Not that these looked any different from a standard margarita (did appreciate the classic cactus handle, though), I was just excited to start drinking tequila at 3pm instead of 5pm.

And if I had been handed Val’s margarita, I pretty much would have been drinking just tequila at 3pm. Whereas, unfortunately, my margarita barely had any liquor and mostly tasted like liquid sugar. Both cocktails were difficult to drink, for reasons being too strong or too sweet. We tried out our own bartender skills by mixing the two to get a nice medium, but one ended up with all of the liquid and one ended up with all of the ice. Besides, margaritas are leisurely drinks! No work should be necessary.

D’ricuras did not sell alcohol, but Lee had a refreshing pineapple soda and lost it 9 or 10 times while delivering nachos.


Luna’s offering fared much better. We watched with great pleasure as our sole bartender precisely put the correct amount of tequila into the blender. My batch was perfectly blended, with the exact proportion of tequila & flavoring needed. My only complaint was that it was a little too frothy.

While the results of these margaritas were mixed and only a couple places sampled, the tequila still added an extra amount of fun to this Queens crawl. While we exit my home borough for now, we’ll be back to try other neighborhood’s margaritas (and nachos) soon enough!

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