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19 November 2009 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews
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Hey haters out there, look where we went. All the way to the Upper East Side, baby. If you start on the Bronx, we’re getting there. We even have a review from Queens coming and Lee’s planning his nacho crawl in Philly. Look out world we will mount and conquer thee.

Southern Hospitality BBQ reached out to us via the Twitter and we reached right back. BBQ nachos? We are intrigued. Pulled pork? We are drooling.


The most impressive nacho feature of the night: the chips never buckled under the pressure. They managed to withstand the heavy toppings and BBQ sauce with amazing strength and stability. And there was a lot piled on there. Cheese alone can be the undoing of many chips. At Southern Hospitality, the chips stayed crispy until the very last bite.


All right, I will admit, I wasn’t feeling the plain nachos. The BBQ sauce just seemed out of place and added a sweetness that my tounge couldn’t quite understand. However, add the pulled pork and it all comes together. The pork was moist and flavorful. We’ve had plenty of meat topped nachos where the kitchen just throws on the crappy dark meat or the lowest grade ground beef.

At Southern Hospitality, we were treated like nacho royality and for that we would love to thank the entire staff. We enjoyed our short time there and it made us wonder why we didn’t come out of our Brooklyn/Lower Manhattan shell sooner.  Check out the restaurant’s website for specials and great events like tonight’s Tequila Tasting.  Above all else, try the deep fried pickle chips.


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  • Maraysa said:

    I love it when margaritas are served to me in pint glasses.

  • lee said:

    I actually preferred the plain nachos to the BBQ. The sauce worked for me.

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  • Paolo said:

    OMG it looks so disgusting. You Americans eat the worst possible food in the world. And you know it by how sick you feel into your stomach after eating all that poison.

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