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Some of us here at NachosNY don’t live in Brooklyn. Shocker! I know. While Jon lives in Manhattan (not even below 14th street!), I reside in Astoria and too often have to make the long, out of the way trip to Brooklyn. On a rainy Saturday afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Lee was willing to visit Astoria! For nachos, of course.

After a failed attempt to try Luna’s nachos (closed on a Saturday?), we strolled down Broadway and landed at Guacamole. I mean, with a name like Guacamole, come on, you couldn’t expect us NOT to go in, could you? [Ed’s note: We chose Guacamole over Las Margaritas, which shows our dedication, I think.]


We decided on meatless nachos this round, but we weren’t expecting a vegetarian item covering the ‘chos. That’s right, though not listed on the menu, a heap of shredded lettuce covered the too-small mound of guacamole on this plate. After trying a few bites with this green, frilly stuff, we simply brushed it to the side and went for the good stuff.


Two key components to any nacho plate are taste and proportion. Guacamole here soared in one category and miserably failed in another. Considering there’s an awning covering the front door saying, “GUACAMOLE,” I would assume you’d get a fair amount in any plate it comes on. Our poor nachos barely got any guac, and only one sole chop of tomato was found as the “pico.”

It’s really a shame they got the proportions off, because the actual taste of these nachos was excellent. Chips sturdy to hold plenty toppings; cheese melted perfectly and so very tasty; black beans fresh and the perfect complement to the cheese it was baked into. Their guacamole was excellent too! (One would hope). But I wish Lee and I didn’t have to fight over the small amount given.

All in all, taste wise (not so much proportion wise) this was a promising start to the Astoria nacho front. On our way back to the train we spotted a good number of other nacho-featuring restaurants, so who knows, maybe you’ll spot a nacho crawl in my Queens ‘hood in the future (hint hint Lee). Ohh, how I would love that so.

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