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Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts. Screw it. Pacifico, I am disappointed in you. Lee fasted all day for Yom Kippur and you let his tummy down.


All right, the place didn’t all out suck. Let’s start with the positives before I tear it a new one. $4 Margaritas at happy hour, on the rocks might I add. Next, well, the cheese was pretty awesome with some additional crumbles on top.  All right,  let’s stop being polite and tear Pacifico a new one.

Guacamole should NOT cost $5 extra. No way, no how. Unless avocados are mixed with tears from babies and blood from virgins, I will not pay that much for a side of guac with my ‘chos. We didn’t even get additional chips with the guacamole. But then again, their guac wasn’t anything to fuss over. There were tomatoes in it which I enjoy. However, it was lacking the needed kick of lime juice and additional seasonings.


I wasn’t digging the bean action either. The menu said mashed beans but we got a pool of brown bean juice left over after our feast o’ ‘cho.

So Pacifico wasn’t down right horrible, just disappointing. I also had veggie enchiladas and wasn’t too impressed. Oh well, we’ll keep on keeping on.

269 Pacific Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 935-9090

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