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19 October 2009 by Rachel Anderson Category: announcements
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Some of you fools probably think Nachos are some fake Mexican food item that someone cooked up at the ball park with chili cheese sauce when they ran out of hot dogs. Surprise, surprise. It is legit Mexican food, at least at its origin. It has since been bastardized, synthesized, and cheese sauce-ified beyond recognition at many establishments (cough Blondies cough Peggy O’Neill’s). So let me drop a few nacho knowledge bombs on you while you mark your calender for our International Day of the Nacho Celebration on October 21st at Fontana’s.

Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya gave birth to the nacho one afternoon in Piedras Negras, Mexico when some U.S. solider wives stumbled upon the closed Moderno Restaurant famished from a day of shopping. Ignacio, threw together a meal with the ingredients he had left in the restaurant, tortillas, longhorn cheddar, and sliced jalapenos. The nacho bug was contagious and the dish soon became popular across the border in Texas. The restaurant to this day still uses Ignacio’s recipe. Check out the video below for some more tidbits of necessary nacho news.

October 21st has been dubbed the International Day of the Nacho. One day, we will trek to Piedras Mexico to bask in this glorious day but until then, we will throw our own fiesta. This year the holiday falls during CMJ so get you antacids out and your dancing shoes on because we have three bands lined up and free nachos prepared for all! Join us at Fontana’s on Wednesday to see Graydon, Afuche, and ARMS and devour some delicious ‘chos. So stop by, say hello, and wish our new nacho apprentice Dan a happy birthday. There will be cake!

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  • Nachos NY – The Quest for the Best Nachos Ever » Tacos Mexico said:

    […] Mexico’s nachos are served up pizza style just like their original creative genius Ignacio prepared them. Some people, not as experienced in nacho-cuisine like I am, might be thrown off by […]

  • jmh said:

    Hey, I met Ignacio Naco Anaya just AFTER he made his first 'Nachos'. It was at the Victory Club by the entrance to Mexico on the Mexican side in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico.
    the Victory Club was torn down sometime when I was away from the border.

    A large group of our family and friends had a late dinner there and afterward the waiter asked if we would like to try a dish one of the cooks had made that he was too shy to come out himself. He said it would be of no cost to us. Of course we said yes. It was great. We asked the waiter to ask the cook to please come out so we could thank him. After a few minutes of waiting while the waiter pleaded with him, Ignacio did come out. He was a small dark Mexican man. All of us applauded him and told him thank you in loud voices. That was in the late 40s or early 50s. I didn't move to Eagle Pass until 1946; it had to be after that. Ignacio may have been making them way before we met him but to my knowledge, that was among the first times he ever made the famous, now called, 'Nacho's'. They were simple; broken bits of tortillas as they are today, with lots of cheese and jalepeno peppers all over it.

  • Nachos NY – The Quest for the Best Nachos Ever » National Tortilla Chip Day! said:

    […] all know about Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, but Rebecca Webb Carranza can be seen as the godmother of the modern tortilla chip on your plate. […]

  • Hugh Jasshole said:

    Your ass is about to get KICKED.

  • Celebrate International Day of Nachos with Album Nachos | Nachos NY said:

    […] It started in 1995, to celebrate the creation by Ignacio Anaya. Last year we celebrated with this Nacho History Lesson and a CMJ party. This year, we are having the CMJ party on Saturday with 15 outrageous bands and […]

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