Lime Jungle and the Avett Brothers

19 October 2009 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews
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We have received plenty of flak from nacho lovers alike that we rarely make out way out of Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. Thanks to the Avett Brothers show at Terminal 5 on Saturday evening, we were thrown into unknown waters. We scoped out some places and found a wonderful little spot that features organic beers and wines and various margarita flavors. We found Lime Jungle on 9th Avenue between 53rd and 54th Street.

lime jungle

We went incognito to Lime Jungle. I let the waitress lecture me on their nachos as if I had only known ball pack ‘chos.  Instead of the thrown on pile of ‘chos, this place featured the “pizza style” nachos. Her words, not even mine! Anyway, we have seen plenty of places screw this up. Even though this is the way nachos originated, numerous restaurants continue to pile crazy toppings on top of a single chip which makes the “pizza” soggy and greasy. Lime Jungle did not have this troubling predicament. The regular plate of nachos was simply cheese and jalapenos on fresh, fried tortillas. It was simple and a refreshing return to nachos’ roots. I didn’t even miss my guacamole. Now that’s saying something. They also had proper lettuce dispersal. Notice the use of shredded iceberg lettuce as a lovely garnish instead of violating my chips’ space. In addition to the nachos, we drank every margarita on the menu. Maraysa will release her margarita report soon as we sampled lime, passion fruit, strawberry, mango, and pomegranate cocktails.

lime jungle 2

With satisfied stomachs, we shook it on over to Terminal 5 for the Avett Brothers show. While the band deserves it, I still couldn’t wrap my mind around the band playing at this large venue, not to mention it sold out. As recently as last May, I saw the band’s first show in Iowa where a handful of people showed up and the band jumped off the stage following their set to greet everyone. The set was packed full of songs from the bands two most recent full-length albums Emotionalism and I & Love & You. Terminal 5 was definitely filled with new fans as they sang along to the newer tracks but fell silent when Pretty Girl from Locust was added to the set. I quickly dismissed all hopes of hearing In the Curve; instead, I am learning to accept the band’s hard earned and new-found commercial success that clamours for title tracks and newly released numbers. The brothers still scream their heartfelt messages at the top of their lungs only to return five seconds later to swoon in perfect harmony. Their music continues to grow and develop while still remaining true to the genuine love and passion for what they do. Years ago their music tempted me to chuck everything into my pick-up truck and move on down to North Carolina leaving my education and family behind. Now, as I grow older the band’s message matures as well. The lyrics are a sobering reminder that commitment, trust, and honor are important and not something to throw away for a change of scenery. So my banjo sits in my bedroom and the pickup was sold to an Amish man. I have responsibilities now; I have a nachos website to run.

avetts 10.17

A short while back, the Avetts’ cellist and a fellow food lover Joe Kwon, provided us with this nacho haiku via Twiiter. You can follow him here if you like. I wonder what how he would have felt about Lime Jungle’s lack of the green gold.

Nachos are yummy; They feel good in my tummy; With Guacamole

Seth 10.17

Lime Jungle
803 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019
(212) 586-6032

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