Product Review: TJ's Corn and Chile Salsa

24 September 2009 by Rachel Anderson Category: announcementsProduct Review
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Welcome to a new segment from NachosNY, Product Review. I will be combing the supermaket isles for the perfect additions to your homemade plate of nachos. Just because you want to eat nachos from the comfort of your own home doesn’t mean you should sacrifice flavor or freshness. Today’s product is Trader Joe’s Corn and Chile Salsa.

corn and chile

Now I am not a huge fan of salsa in general on my nachos. I prefer a fresh pico de gallo. However this salsa is marketed as a tomato-free product. So those allergic to tomatoes or severe sufferers of acid reflux rejoice! While I am not crazy for tomatoes, I love corn. LOVE LOVE LOVE corn. And this salsa captured the inherrited sweetness that fresh corn has. It also had a little bit of a spicy kick but not so much you keep the agua close by.

taco salad

In short this is a great salsa to add to nachos or a taco salad. NOTE I said taco salad, where lettuce is allowed. However if you are looking for a dipping salsa to put out while you cheer on the Bills, this ain’t your product. On it’s own it is certainly lacking, probably due to it’s lack of tomatoes but also green peppers and jalepenos. It is a very simple salsa which isn’t a bad thing. You just need other flavor to compliment it.


Just to throw it out there folks, this wasn’t a sponsored review. Trader Joe’s didn’t slip me a few free bottles of two buck chucks or guac kits. They are more than welcome to in the future and if you have a product you want me taste, hit me up at or leave a comment down below.  If you are a liquor company, a salsa factory, or an avocado farm that’s cool too. Send some of your awesomeness my way and I will devour it for sure.

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