'Cho-mmercials: So Wrong, But So Edible

29 September 2009 by Jon Poritsky Category: nachos in the media
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Last week, we took a look a classic nacho movie moment. Stepping away from edible cinema, we’ll move into TV commercials this week and see what exactly American advertisers want to pass off under the title, “nacho”. I have to say, in my extensive research, the word itself is applied to so many things that just shouldn’t exist.

Mr. Jim’s Pizza Chorizo Nacho Stix

I don’t know Mr. Jim, and frankly I don’t want to. Let’s start with the fact that I don’t like the implied mystery of this commercial. Am I supposed to wonder if that mariachi guy is actually Mexican? WHAT? It’s a homely beardy American!? I’m sooooo surprised, after he thought pizza, chorizo and nachos would taste better if blasted together in one steaming heap of confusion.

Nabisco Nacho Corn Thins

Go about 13 seconds in and watch the madness. Honestly, my only issue with this product is this ridiculous ad. I would love, love to eat a thin ritz cracker flavored like nacho cheese. Nevermind the fact that I still don’t know what “nacho cheese” tastes like, although I feel it smacks of orange food coloring. Whatever, I’ll be singing “mucho macho snacker” for another week before I lose my mind.

Campbell’s Nacho Cheese Soup/Dip

What is really so amazing about this ‘cho-mmercial is that the only word that seems to apply is Campbell’s. I don’t see any soup involved, and I doubt that there is any actual cheese in this except maybe a smidgen of dehydrated milk. Dip and nacho are disqualified for the same reason: because I would never do one (dip) to the other (nacho) in this ungodly orange goop. But I have to say, that potato might be okay.

Don’t worry, faithful ‘cho media hounds, there is plenty more where that came from. Leave any suggestions or reactions (barf) in the comments below.

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  • lee said:

    Each one of those makes me know I need to work harder to push real nachos on the world. Especially the Campbell’s one.

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