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27 August 2009 by Rachel Anderson Category: announcementsvideo
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When I was a young guacamole princess, my mother used to get all crafty and make pinatas for my birthday. They were pretty cool. There was an octopus and a teddy bear ballerina. But they were filled with candy. Candy…pfft. Who wants to hit a paper mache filled donkey filled with just candy? Renee Zellwegger got guacamole in her pinata. Too bad she was to worried about ruining her designer dress. I would have bashed that baby and pounced on its innards. I wonder if it was the $12 guacamole that is featured at her and Jon Bon Jovi’s (among a few others) restaurant in the Hamptons. Has anyone had the pleasure of dining at Blue Parrot?

In other news, we at NachosNY don’t condone theft or public intoxication. But if you’re going to be arrested at a deli at 2 in the morning (in North Dakota for heaven’s sake) make sure it’s worth it. I think eating stolen avocados after a late night binge sounds pretty bad-ass, don’t you?

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