Nacho Addicts: The Return of Nacho Tattoos

25 August 2009 by Lee Frank Category: interview
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Just because we run NachosNY, it doesn’t been we’re the only people obsessed with nachos. People do things like write songs or get tattoos. We welcome that and will always write about it. Today we bring you another tattoo!


Please state your name: Perry


What’s the story behind your tattoo?
My friend and I took a lunch break at work and decided to go to Moe’s, the burrito chain, to get some food as we have been occasionally doing while working on this specific jobsite. Now, this particular week I was extremely poor for whatever reason and decided I would only get the nachos to save money. I didn’t even get a soda, I just asked for a complimentary water cup. So I’m sitting there eating my nachos and my friend starts grabbing for some. It being my only food to eat and the fact that he didn’t even bother to ask before grabbing, I was a little pissed off. So I told him to stop a few times, he got mad … next thing I know, I’m working in Reading for a month, having to wake up at 4am everyday just because he was mad at me for not sharing my nachos. The “get off my queso” phrase arose while a different friend was making fun of me for not sharing them.

Did it hurt? it didn’t hurt. It was actually the least painful tattoo I’ve probably ever gotten.

What other nacho tattoos would you like?
I would love to get a whole plate of nachos tattoo with a bunch of toppings on it. Or maybe a beavis and butt-head nacho tattoo or something.

What’s your favorite topping?

If you could eat nachos with any 3 people living or dead, who would they be?
It would probably have to be…Artie Lange, Paul Reubens, and Joey Ramone.

I should also mention that Perry did the tattoo on himself. Crazy.

full view tattoo

Ooh la la.

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