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2 July 2009 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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After a night of hard-working sweat-dripping wiffle ball with the crew from Heeb Magazine, Saucony sent us all to Blondie’s Sports for a healthy, post sport meal. When we sat down, we ordered the finest of beers, Stella (check my infamous comment on EffedinParkSlope about Stella). Then of course, some one noticed nachos and questioned my integrity. So I told them, they’re not going to be good, but I ordered.

When they came out:


They were exactly what I’d have guessed. Circle Chips, Cheese Sauce, strangely flavorless ranchesque dressing and jalapenos from a can. Each of them are bad signs alone and together, a recipe for disaster. While I’m stuck on disaster mode, the aura here is cataclysmic. They have enough TVs to make Al Gore cry and they show the same two NY baseball games. Ok, back to the nachos. They were gross. No thank you.

212 W 79th St
New York, NY 10024
(212) 362-4360

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  • rachel said:

    Nastay yo. The ranch/sour cream sauce sounds interesting though but save that for dipping.

  • Lee's Dad said:


  • Nachos NY » Nacho History Lesson said:

    […] bastardized, synthesized, and cheese sauce-ified beyond recognition at many establishments (cough Blondies cough Peggy O’Neill’s). So let me drop a few nacho knowledge bombs on you while you […]

  • Lee's Dad said:


  • rubber bracelets said:

    Look's like yummy and delicious.but where's the recipe's.

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