Rachel’s Taqueria

10 June 2009 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews
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Rachel’s Taqueria was the third spot on our nacho crawl through Park Slope. After a grease filled stop at Mezcals, I was craving fresh, dare I say nutritious, nachos. Rachel’s Taqueria banged out delicious fruity margaritas and homemade chips topped with guacamole straight from the guac station. The green stuff certainly wasn’t squeezed out from a can or on need of the “dip” identifier.


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The chips were homemade and made the plate of nachos have a rustic, made-with-love quality about them. I will say the downfall to chips made daily is the inconsistency of the thickness and crispness. Some were thick and almost chewy. Others were super thin and could not withstand the weight of nacho goodness.

However, these are minor quibbles. How dare I actually complain about these chips with a shelf life of less than 24 hours? Plus they gave us free chips and salsa before we attacked the nachos. I should really shut up and quit my bitching.

We also had wonderful margaritas. I indulged in the beverage that shared my given name while Maraysa, our margarita correspondent, had a blended guava margarita. Both were a delicious accompaniment to our nacho binge.

All in all I prefer the plain nachos at Rachel’s. I have lost my love for ground beef. As you can see it only leads to a pool of fat and grease and my heart can’t really take the pressure on a day when I stuffed my face with countless kinds of nachos. Rachel’s Taqueria was by far my favorite stop on this crawl.

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