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2 June 2009 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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In what would be a long day of tiresome and delicious nacho eating with a gaggle of crawlers, we decided to start at what would be a non-traditional nacho spot, Perch Cafe on 5th ave in Park Slope. With a menu that boasts fresh finds and tasty treats, I had heard good things about their guac and nachos as a whole.

Taking up their patio, our 20+ crowd clamored for chos. Perch’s employees were looking at me as though I was crazy and not the nacho prophet I am.As they only had one style of nacho, we ordered 5. They appeared:

Perch's Nachos

This non-mex restaurant pulled it off. This guac, superb, was just what I’d hoped for. It was fresh and chunky. Added to that a fresh supply of corn, pico de gallo, sour cream and cheese on a sanctioned and tasty blue corn chip and that made for a happy bunch.

Asking around for others opinions, I quickly found out this would be the early favorite and Cristian (member of Nacho Crawl – Williamsburg) told me these nachos were better than all of the ones in Williamsburg. Would the bar be set too high?

It's Rachel

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