Blind Pig

14 June 2009 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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After a strange tweetup, I won’t name any names (cancelled tv show), I took Julia, a new to NY nacho lover and soon to be Nacho correspondent of some kind, to Blind Pig on suggestion from a friend.

We arrived and were given a seat on lovely 14th st, so we could watch drunk kids walk by after a free pizza at the Crocodile Lounge. We ordered the nachos and no drinks, the waitress, was unimpressed, still NACHOS:


When they came out, as you can see, they had liquidy salsa all over the place, a major NO NO. BUT and I probably should never say this, but it was ok. The chips this place had were thicker and handled the salsa-sensations well. Some onions, cilantro and olives came aboard for the day and added good flavors to what ended up being a pretty tasty cho that shouldn’t have been that good.

I got a little messy.

messy sour cream

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