The 2009 Guactacular in REVIEW

6 May 2009 by Lee Frank Category: announcements
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So last night, we the Nacho community got together for the love of Guacamole. With help from all sorts of websites, we packed packed packed the Bell House to the brim with over 300 people.

The Crowd

At points we ran out of chips (and ran out for chips), plates, tecate, modelo. Never did we run out of fun.


Morgan Jarrett won the People’s Champion Award. Her incredible reward was avocado salt and pepper shakers. They were so nicely provided by Jake at Brooklyn based Dig Garden Center. Check them out at their site and store at 479 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY.


Rachel made these great cupcakes. They were gone quickly and had the hint of chili powder, while the frosting was avocado based. Crazy!

Tortillas in the sky

Here’s the crew after a ridiculous nice night. Thanks go out to Rachel for all of her help always and Jennie for her work on the mic.

I had a wonderful time, here’s what other people had to say:

Village Voice:

A cistern of taco chips and pile of white paper plates were your only preliminaries as you dove into the line, which soon extended out the door and into the street.


On May 5—you’re familiar with the Spanish translation—budding NYC food blog Nachos NY hosted what was being called the 2009 Guactacular Invitational at The Bell House in Gowanus. That’s Invitational, meaning the best of the best. No amateurs allowed.

What did you have to say?

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  • kroosh said:

    Congrats on throwing such a successful event!
    Looking forward to more!

  • bloomie said:

    Um what number was the winner? I know which number I voted for, but not her name. Help a girl out.

  • Nachos NY » Florencia 13 said:

    […] week, upon the pressures of finding competitors for the now infamous Guactacular, I took a moment to breathe and eat nachos. After checking the suggestion thread, I saw that people […]

  • Nachos NY – The Quest for the Best Nachos Ever » Cinco De Mayo said:

    […] area of Brooklyn lies Cinco De Mayo. I promise no bias even though I love the name Cinco De Mayo (Guactacular). We got margaritas and in my amateur opinion, it was just ok. Could have used a little more […]

  • My “No Bullshit” Guac Wins! « Morgan’s Mouth said:

    […] Bullshit” Guac Wins! By iwurkhard And I bullshit you not. At last night’s Guactacular Invitational, hosted by, I took home the People’s Choice Award, which were these salt and pepper shakers you see […]

  • Nachos NY - The Quest for the Best in NYC » Guactacular Contestants said:

    […] So without further ado, I present to you profiles on 11 out of the selected 20. First off, our Guactacular Champion of 2009, Karol […]

  • What I Found On My Coffee Table Yesterday – Nachos NY: The Ultimate Nacho Destination said:

    […] for two years. If you don’t know, I met her while on the (Nacho) job. We met at the first Guactacular, which lives at the top of my (Nacho) moments. To make my new work of art that I will probably eat […]

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